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Zero is a dark comedy about a zero waste serial killer, with one bloody mission to combat climate change and overpopulation. 

Beatrix - Panthea Vatandoos
Harvey - Adam Kozlick

Kelly Rowan - Kelly Rowan

Produced by: Andy Alvarez, Theo Kim and Alyssa Kostello
Directed by: Mike Johnston
Written by: Alyssa Kostello
Associate Producers: James Moore, Kevin Cho, Matt Afonso

Cinematography by: Diana Parry
Production Designer: Natalia Peixoto
Editor: Thomas Affolter
VFX Lilly Marriot
Sustainability Adviser: Jannifer Sandoval

Available now on and The Green Channel

Past Festival Screenings:

Official Selection Toronto Vanguard 2019
EMA Green Seal Certification
Official Selection for Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival 2020
Official Selection for Environmental Short Film Festival 2020
Official Selection for Janara Horror Fest 2020
Official Selection for Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival 2021
Official Selection for Chilliwack Independent Film Festival 2021
ZERO - Stills 1.png
ZERO - Stills 2.png
ZERO - Stills 3.png
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