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Set in a rundown, Okanagan Valley RV park during the summer of 2003, Goat, a surfing-obsessed, twelve-year-old prodigal skater girl, navigates the unbridled, unstructured, summer days of youth, dreaming about becoming a surfer like her deceased father...all while living 700 km from the ocean.

Goat - Shaylelin Martin 
Nate - Leandro Guedes
Jane - Caitlyn Sponheimer
Jason - Dyllon Burnside

Director & Writer: Caitlyn Sponheimer
Producers: Mike Johnston, Warren Sulatycky, Caitlyn Sponheimer
Cinematographer: Joseph Schweers
Production Designer: Matt Carson
Casting Director: Angela Quinn
Editor: Sarah Trudelle
Composer: Cayne McKenzie

This film was made possible with the support of Telefilm Canada, Creative BC, Canada Council for the Arts.

Wild Goat Surf is currently in post-production.
20221205_WGS_FineCut 2.01_28_14_13.Still012.png
20221205_WGS_FineCut 2.00_06_21_22.Still001.png
20221205_WGS_FineCut 2.01_19_47_06.Still016.png
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