In additional to our own internal development, Studio 104 Entertainment offers a variety of services for creatives and independent filmmakers to collaborate with us.

Service Productions

Services productions are designed for filmmakers and creatives with financing and script development already in place.  Studio 104 Entertainment offers full service from location scouting, permitting, handling of contracts & legal, communications, production budgeting, managing of production financing, cast & crew accounting, hiring of production staff, casting as well as overseeing the line-producing, on-set production managing and post production services and final delivery.  Additionally, we can also provide script/treatment development as well as tax credit application services.

Location Scouting

The script/client calls for a big house on a hill? or in an open field? How about a hotel room in the heart of Vancouver? Or better yet, we need a studio that allows for a giant 50s bus to fit through the door? What ever the project calls for, we can assist in making sure you get what are looking for in the budget you have!

Production Budgeting

So you have a script, however you don't know where to start? Send it over to us and we're happy to help you build your budget! We break down your script. We account for pre production, production, marketing, contingency and all  aspects, all the way through final delivery

Hiring Cast & Crew

If your budget accounts for 10 people or even 80 people, we can help you crew up. Having worked with some of Vancouver's best of the independent cast & crew, we can assist in hiring the best people for the job! 

Looking for talented actors? No worries, we have the space to hold auditions in our studio and can help you find the perfect Casting Director for the project.

Post Production & Delivery

Finished shooting? or perhaps your have a project on the back burner that's been shot but haven't gotten around to editing it? We help provide Post Production supervision! So we help hire the best crew to help you deliver your film/video. We schedule and communicate with all parties and make sure you meet your deadlines and are set up for success.


Not sure where your short film or music video would go from here? We can also help plan out your festival strategy and online premiere release.  Hit us up for more info! 

Script Treatment & Development

Have a great idea for a script? or Have you written the script and need second opinion? 

Our team consists of award winning directors and writers and would love the chance to read your script and see if there is anyway we would help you take it to the next level!


Co-Productions are designer for higher budget productions and multiple producing partners who are to be involved in the creation and production of a designed show.  We offer co-productions involving Canada’s treaty countries as well as with other independent production companies across Canada and aboard.


These productions must begin the development phase and require shared copyrights as well as broadcast & distribution licensing.  For more information regarding co-productions, please contact Mike Johnston.


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