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Elena and Mateo are first-generation immigrants from Latin America. Choosing to come to Canada to make a better future for their family, taking the risk that migrants face every day. During the celebration of their youngest child’s birthday, the family is startled by the arrival of two immigration officers at their door; a situation that could change their life forever. Immigration is an issue across the world and this short film explores an immigrant’s worst fear, come to life.

Starring: Magda Ochoa, Jose Vargas, Alejandro Herrera, Montserrat Powell, Sabrina Miniaci, Sara Alvarado, Max Valdieso-Kudell, Dominic Fugere, Robert L Duncan, Shonna Morgan.

Produced by: Mike Johnston & Andy Alvarez
Written & Directed by: Andy Alvarez
Cinematography by: Kaayla Whachell

Editor: Elsy Dagdug

Production Design: Natalie Peixoto

For screening inquiries please contact MOVING IMAGES DISTRIBUTION

WINNER: Lindalee Tracey Award, Hot Docs '20

Seattle Latin American Film Festival '20

Toronto Latino International Film Festival '20

Philidelphia Latin American Film Festival '20

Wilson Oakville Film Festival '20

Vancouver Latin American Film Festival '20

WINNER: Best Canadian Short Film, Oakville Film Festival '19

Bentonville Film Festival '19

New York Latino Film Festival '19

Houston Latin American Film Festival '20

San Diego Latin American Film Festival '20

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