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Still from Sol - Short Film
Produced by: Mike Johnston, Kate McCallum & Martin Calvo
Directed by: Andy Alvarez
Written by: Martin Calvo & Andy Alvarez
Cinematography by: Diana Parry
Edited by: Hayley Sawatzki & Andy Alvarez
Music by: Katya Semyonova & Sean William
Release Date: Fall of 2020
Sol is set in 2042, the world is ravaged by climate change and a mother races to teach her daughter the emergency preparedness that comes with each disaster after experiencing a tragic loss.​
Sol was chosen as one of Top 6 Films to compete in Crazy8s Films competition in 2020.
"Sol is a model of economy in its depiction of a blighted Earth so toxic that a young child can never leave her house (...) the existential payload is heavier than it ever was, and it’s achieved on a fraction of the resources. You can go big or go small, but here's decisive proof that there’s more than one way to Crazy an eight." - The Georgia Straight
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BTS by Luba Popovic

The Tailor

Still from The Tailor - Short Film
Produced by: Andy Alvarez & Mike Johnston
Written & Directed by: Nathalie Therriault
Cinematography by: Diana Parry
Edited by: Hayley Sawatzky
Music by: Katya Semyonova
Release Date: Fall of 2020
It is a tender story about a young gender neutral woman on a day of a bridesmaid fitting who is struggling to fight for her identity. By chance, she has an encounter with an elderly asian tailor. This meeting irrevocably changes their inhibitions about who they are and from that moment on they are inspired to live authentically. It is a story about identity, acceptance, mentorship, intimacy and hope.
BTS by Syd Wong


Still from Personals - Short Film
Produced by: Andy Alvarez, Mike Johnston & Matt Drake
Written & Directed by: Sasha Argirov
Cinematography by: Blake Davey
Edited by: Aynsley Baldwin
Release Date: Fall of 2020
Personals is a short tragicomedy centred around an encounter on Craigslist. An unexpectedly intimate moment occurs at a glory hole, pushing two socially anxious loners to open up and find the connection they’re secretly desperate for. 
Funded with the generous support of private donations and Windsong Productions.
BTS by Luka Cyprian


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Still from ZERO - Short Film
Produced by: Andy Alvarez, Theo Kim and Alyssa Kostello
Directed by: Mike Johnston
Written by: Alyssa Kostello
Cinematography by: Diana Parry
Edited by: Thomas Affolter
Music By: Blake Matthew
Release Date: Fall of 2019
Zero is a dark comedy about a zero waste serial killer, with one bloody mission to combat climate change and overpopulation. 
Funded with the support of the Vancity EnViroFund and the generous support of Indiegogo donations.
BTS by Andy Alvarez

Our Home

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 11.39.13
Still from Our Home - Short Film
Produced by: Mike Johnston & Andy Alvarez
Written & Directed by: Andy Alvarez
Cinematography by: Kaayla Whachell
Edited by: Elsy Dagdug
Release Date: Summer of 2019
Elena and Mateo are first generation immigrants from Latin America. Choosing to come to Canada to make a better future for their family, taking the risk that migrants face everyday. During the celebration of their youngest child’s birthday, the family is startled by the arrival of two immigration officers at their door; a situation that could change their life forever. Immigration is an issue across the world and this short film explores an immigrant’s worst fear, come to life.
Festival Screenings: Bentonville Film Festival '19 | HBO's New York Latino Film Festival '19.
Awards: Hot Docs '19 - Lindalee Tracey Award.
BTS by Anna Shannon

Idols Never Die

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Still from Idols Never Die - Short Film
Produced by: Mike Johnston, Thomas Affolter, Lawrence Le Lam, Derek Kwan & Rana Soleil
Directed by: Jerome Yoo
Written by: Jerome You & Andrea Bang
Cinematography by: Kaayla Whachell
Edited by: Lawrence Le Lam & Thomas Affolter
Music By: Annette Kim
IDOLS NEVER DIE is a coming of age and dark Korean comedy about a beloved K-Pop star, N.D. (AKA Never Die) who dies suddenly in a tragic accident. He leaves behind a hidden message in one of his songs, allowing four fanatic girls to cope with the aftermath by seeking to fulfill his last wish.
Idols Never Die was made with for the Crazy 8's Short Film Competition '19.
Idols Never Die is distributed by TRAVELING DISTRIBUTION.
BTS by Luba Popovic