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 Laura - Short Film
Produced by: Mike Johnston
Written & Directed by: Kaayla Whachell
Cinematography by: Diana Parry
Release Date: Sept 23, 2019
Laura, a young half Indigenous woman undergoes a conversation with her lawyer Mr. Wilson to determine how to present her case before the court. Mr. Wilson attempts to keep the process positive, but his ignorance begins to make Laura question her identity and her place in society.
Funded with the support of the Storyhive's Indigenous Short Film Edition
BTS by Jacob Green

Line of Fire

Behind The Scenes Video from Line of Fire - Short Film
Produced by: Andy Alvarez & Mike Johnston
Written & Directed by: Mike Johnston
Cinematography by: Diana Parry
Based on true events, Line of Fire is a thrilling short drama about the consequences of privilege and power after an online disagreement about video games, turns into a violent confrontation.
Festival Screenings: LIAFF 2019 | One-Reeler Film Competition '19 | Independent Short Awards '19 | Accolade Global Film Competition  '19 | Indie Short Fest  '19 | Feel the Reel International Film Festival '19 |  Best Shorts Competition '19 | Wilson-Oakville Film Festival '19
Awards:  Award of Recognition - Best Shorts Competition | Award of Merit - One-Reeler Film Competition | Best Thriller Film - Independent Short Awards | Best Sound Design - Independent Short Awards | Audience Choice Award - LIAFF 2019
BTS by Bronwyn Davies


Still from Yasmina - Short Film

Produced by: Andy Alvarez

Written & Directed by: AJ Simmons

Cinematography by: Kaayla Whachell

Yasmina, a daydreaming, newly appointed line cook, struggles to get through her first night on the job in the kitchen of a bustling Afghan fusion restaurant under the strict supervision of the kitchen matriarch, who also, just happens to be her mother. When the tantalizing opportunity of a night to remember magically appears, Yasmina’s life is forever changed as she discovers that indeed, the key to finding her own ‘happily ever after’ lies in the embodiment of loving herself unconditionally. An enchantingly unique twist on the immigrant story, Yasmina is a dream-like, character driven, deconstructed fairytale exploring the intersections of identity and coming of age, while shedding light on a cultural conflict many 1st generation youth are constantly negotiating.


Yasmina was funded with the support of Storyhive's Digital Shorts Edition '18

BTS by Luka Cyprian

Here There Be Tygers

Still from Here There Be Tygers - Short Film

Produced by: Bronwyn Davies & Mike Johnston

Directed by: Mike Johnston

Story by: Stephen King

Screenplay by: Mike Johnston

Cinematography by: Andy Alvarez

Third grade student Charles really needs to go to the bathroom. And when his evil teacher Miss Bird finally releases him to go and relieve himself, he arrives at the bathroom to find a full-grown tiger sitting outside of the stalls. 
After racing down the hallway down the hallways to find Miss Bird and fellow classmate Kenny in search of help, Charles must confront the beast on his own or run the risk of peeing his pants.

Here there Be Tygers is a part of the Dollar Baby program that renowned writer Stephen King has established. For that reason, if you wish to see the film, send us a message and we'd love to give you a private link!

BTS by Bronwyn Davies


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